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30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 5

Day 5: Write a dramatic scene that takes place in a church

Charlotte beamed at her new husband and the crowd cheered. I whistled loudly, startling Aunt Margaret.


She grinned with good humor and patted my arm just as the chapel doors burst open. Every head turned from the lovebirds to inspect the intruder. He staggered in then lurched down the aisle, alcohol fumes wafting over me as he passed our pew. The room had gone library quiet and the drunkard’s shuffling footfalls echoed.

“You … you …” His arm shook as he pointed an accusatory finger. “Witch!”

The man collapsed at the altar like a puppet with no strings. Charlotte’s eyes widened in her pale face. Greg’s jaw twitched. Aunt Margaret swooned against my shoulder, and I steadied her, craning my neck for a glimpse of the prone figure on the floor.

Father Marcus recovered first and tripped down the steps then knelt to inspect the drunkard. “Alive.”

The collective sigh ghosted through the hallowed halls.

“But who is he?” A faceless voice in the crowd asked the obvious question.

Charlotte shook her head, fighting back tears. “Greg … I have something to tell you.”

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