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Three years ago, Neil Everton was at the top of his game. A decorated homicide detective with a perfect record, he always got his man.

Then Harlan Davis Jeffries, a serial killer with a strange penchant for playing games, entered his life. Tasked with bringing Jeffries to justice, Neil pursued him with relentless determination until a fateful error in judgement cost him not only his badge, but his partner, his family and his self-respect.

Now working as a private investigator, Neil agrees to take the case of Chloe Hanford, a young woman seeking refuge from her abusive husband. To secure her future, he must work with his ex-partner, Logan and come to terms with their lost friendship. 

But when Jeffries re-surfaces to even the score, can Neil reconcile his past misdeeds and regain control of his life?

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As a Captain in the King's army, Taryn Ellsbree led his men with courage and honor, winning battle after battle to become a decorated war hero. And though he escaped death, survived war and claimed victory, he paid a heavy price. Not only did he lose valuable men, his brothers in arms, he lost something even more precious – a piece of his soul.

He returns home with a heavy heart, too overwhelmed by pain and guilt to forgive himself. Only just beginning to heal, he is thrust once again into the chaos of war, ordered to lead his young cadets to what he fears is certain death.

A fateful error in judgement costs him his freedom and he suffers greatly at the enemy's hands. Struggling to survive, he is soon overcome by agonizing grief, and spirals into despair.

Finally rescued, he realizes the error of his ways and attempts to make amends. Convinced his actions will serve the greater good, he embarks on a path of self-destruction until an unlikely ally forces him to confront his demons.

The war may be over, but Taryn's inner battle has just begun, testing him in ways he never thought possible.



She’s running from her future…

Claire couldn’t bear the thought of losing her freedom. She ran but she couldn’t keep running. Not alone. And then the man who would show her the true meaning of love walked into her life. She took a chance and never looked back. But could she trust him with her heart?

He’s running from his past…

When Finn left home, he never imagined his life would be so lonely. But after suffering a devastating loss, he had no choice. He guarded his heart and hid in plain sight until he met the young woman who would teach him to risk his heart for a chance at love. Can two people with everything to lose find their way back to each other?



Reeling from a broken heart, Jinx finds relief in the strangest of places - prison. Until Elias shows up. She returns with him to a life she thought she’d never have. To heal her soul and protect her future, she faces the demons of her past. But can she survive? And if she does, will it make her stronger or destroy what she cherishes most?

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When past and present bend with time  |  And infinity seeks to burn  |  Across the blackness of the void  |  All will know and yet dare to yearn  |  For destiny and fate to forge an eternal bond  |  Each in turn must fight without end  |  Against the darkness at Death’s door  |  To return



Tru Ainsley thought she knew everything there was to know about her family; its origins, its secrets. But she was very, very wrong. A secret so dark, so evil that her own father hid it from her for her entire life, has now come to light and threatens not only her future, but her brother's as well. Will she be able to learn the truth in time to escape her fate?



Rebecca has always dreamed of finding her one true love, a knight in shining armor who sweeps her off her feet as they ride off into the sunset. When Cole Hadley moves in next door, she thinks he's the answer to her prayers. But is he too good to be true? Can she learn to trust him with her heart and believe she's finally found her happily ever after?



Life is full of choices, some of them impossible to make. Mia had to make her choice, and once she did, wondered if she would regret it for the rest of her life. Then her past suddenly came back to haunt her and forced her to make the same decision again. The question was, would she choose the same path? And if she did, would she be better off?

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