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30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 26

Day 26: Write a scene about being in the right place at the wrong time

This is the right place, isn’t it?

The abandoned warehouse on eighth street. Where a mysterious man asked me to meet him. At midnight. What was I thinking? Of course this wasn’t where I should’ve been. Even if he’d promised me everything I’d ever wanted. Nothing was worth losing my life over. And somehow I had a feeling that’s exactly what would’ve happened. I double-checked my notes. Sure enough, the address on the building matched the one in my hand. So right place. And the dashboard clock showed midnight on the dot. So right time. Or maybe not. I was about to open the car door but stopped at the ominous sound of tires on gravel. Then again, I was expecting to meet someone here. At least he was punctual. I watched his car drive pass mine then park adjacent to the building’s entrance. A shudder ran down my spine, a clear warning. But of what? Someone exited the car, head on a swivel. Male by the height and build. What was I so afraid of? The man disappeared into the warehouse. Now what? Wait until he comes back out? Or confront him inside? Yeah. Not going to happen. I alternated between watching the door and watching the clock until twenty minutes had passed. He hadn’t returned which meant I’d made him wait. Would he renege on our deal? I couldn’t let that happen. I bolted from the car and hurried toward the building before my better judgement could stop me. Heart in my throat, I paused at the entrance, ears straining. And then a gunshot shattered the silence. Nope. Nope, nope, nope.

I may be in the right place but this is definitely the wrong time.

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