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You are your own worst enemy…and your own best friend

Life can get you down, no doubt about it. All sorts of external factors negatively impact your happiness. But that is just the universe’s way of giving you an opportunity to learn. To grow as a person. To thrive, even. Yet it’s human nature to worry and doubt and let fear rule us. Fear of the unknown is the worst of all. And the what ifs can drive you crazy. Or over a cliff. So listen to your inner-critic, that voice in your head telling you you can’t or you won’t. Then tell it to shut up.

Because you can, and you will.

The recognition that you achieved your goal doesn’t come from your boss or your parents or your spouse. Of course the people in your life should praise you and acknowledge your success but you worked hard not for them, but for you. To feel accomplished. Proud. Success is measured not by accolades but by affirmation. So pat yourself on the back and toot your own horn. With gusto. Because no one else is going to do it for you. Don’t be afraid to proclaim your greatness. When others know you’re confident, their confidence in you grows. But don’t be an arrogant jerk. Nobody likes them.

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