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Surround yourself with positive people…and let them help you

Helping others is a great way to get that warm fuzzy feeling we all crave. But what happens when you are the one in need? For some reason, we struggle to ask for help even when we’re drowning. As if asking for a life preserver is a sign of weakness. In fact, the opposite is true. Going it alone is all fine and good but when your army of one is outnumbered, it’s important to rally the troops. Your friends and family care about your well-being which means they’d be overjoyed to help carry your burden. You’d be surprised how often a friend wishes they’d known another was in need. Because they could’ve done something. Struggling by yourself is no fun. Tell someone about it and make their day by asking for their help. They get their warm fuzzies and you get to take a breath. It’s a win/win.

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