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Once upon...a year ago

One year ago, the email of a lifetime hit my inbox. I remember it like it was yesterday. I had taken the day off work, just because, and during a random commercial break, idly checked my email. Imagine my surprise when a new message from Beacon Publishing showed up. (I'd submitted a manuscript 6 months prior). They asked if I'd be interested in publishing my book with them...

Interested? Are you kidding me?

More like ecstatic! I was given the editor's number, who I promptly called, not expecting him to answer. But he did! Twenty minutes later, we ended the call, his promise to send a contract ringing in my ears. And then I collapsed in a heap on the floor, crying so hard my chest ached. Tears of joy, elation, shock and so many more emotions flooded down my face. I took ten minutes to collect myself before calling my husband with the good news. Needless to say, I started crying all over again.

Since then, it's been one exciting turn after another, ending at the ultimate destination: a published book. You'd think as a writer I could describe the feeling. But I just can't. Hopefully the smile on my face is worth a thousand words. Or at least enough for the next chapter.

Happy reading!

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