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Imminent Danger Disorder

Imminent Danger Disorder*, or IDD, is a rare disorder that afflicts one out of the two children in my household.  It is extremely volatile and unfortunately untreatable (unless you count corporal punishment, shock therapy and massive amounts of duct tape, which I don’t).  Symptoms range from hostile apathy to full blown rage, with a tendency toward violent outbursts and rude phrases shouted at eardrum-shattering volumes.  Occasionally there is damage to property but if the subject is kept isolated, damage to persons in the immediate vicinity can be avoided. 

 IDD, which is entirely fictional, renders the surviving family members shell-shocked and suffering various levels of stress.  Coping mechanisms include meditation, and the consumption of obscene amounts of chocolate.  Those living with someone suffering from IDD tend to shuffle about like zombies while simultaneously walking on eggshells, in fear of triggering a rage episode. 

 If you or someone you know is affected by IDD ... join the club.

*Also known as Sullen Teenage Syndrome.

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