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Celebrate everything...and regret nothing

If life is a journey, I need a new travel agent. Especially considering all the speed bumps, random detours and traffic jams. The itinerary was simple. Choose a destination, plan the route and just go. But then things start happening. Decisions are made, which force you off your chosen path. You end up on a lonely highway in the middle of nowhere scratching your head in confusion. You’re lost – or so it seems – and have no idea which direction is up, let alone correct as you consider your options. Turn around? Forge ahead? It’s coin-flipping time only you’re fresh out of quarters. So what now? Flag down a passing motorist in the hopes he or she will take pity on you and show you the way? Or take a deep breath and get back on the road? Choices like this plague us all. The outcomes either make us or break us. And the randomness of life doesn’t allow for mistakes. Right?

Wrong. Mistakes are vital to our success as human beings. Just ask the Wright brothers, or Thomas Edison. Those guys didn’t give up, even in the face of epic failure. And where would we be without their stalwart persistence? We’d never touch the sky or see in the dark. So when you find yourself at the end of your rope or stranded on the side of the road, just remember that you have the power to overcome even the most challenging obstacles. Find it within yourself and rise above.

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