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Be a the darkness

The world seems dark right now. Like the sun gave up on us. Or like there’s nothing but shade everywhere you look. It’s easy to get sucked into the vortex of negativity, wrapped up in bitter resentment and cynicism. Very tempting, right? How much harder is it to maintain a positive outlook? A lot, I know. But I promise it’s worth it. So when you’re about to jump on the complaining bandwagon or to throw some shade of your own …stop. Think. Ask yourself why? Why do I feel the need to add to an already bad situation? Why do I want to put someone down instead of lifting them up? Once you’ve honestly answered those questions, I bet you’ll do something different. Like offer a solution instead of adding to the problem. Or offer a kind word of encouragement. But whatever you decide, be a light in the darkness. Because you can’t change what you did, but youcan change what you do next.

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