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30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 27

Day 27: You are the hero in an epic story. How did you defeat the villain?

All epic stories end the same: good triumphs over evil. Every time. But how did I do it this time? Well it wasn’t easy, I tell you what. I mean, how could it have been considering the villain was a diabolical wizard capable of annihilating all life as we knew it with a snap of his fingers? So yes it was the most difficult, dangerous, death-defying thing I have ever done. But I wasn’t alone. No. I had my friends, my family. My countrymen all backing me up. Without their love and loyal support, I would have broken under the pressure. I never would have been able to face my fears, to face the villain with any hope of winning. And that’s what did it, in the end. Hope. The everlasting belief that it would all work out. The optimistic spirit and can-do attitude of a group of people working together toward a common goal. Teamwork makes the dream work.

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