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30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 24

Day 24: Write a scene about a locked door

Every night the same dream. A dark hallway in a dark house. At the end is a door. I’m being chased by someone or something and need an exit. Any exit. I reach the door and it’s locked. Always. It’s locked and I don’t have the key and the thing chasing me has almost caught me. Panic claws at my heart, my breaths come in short bursts as I yank on the knob until my hands are scraped raw. And then the sound of approaching footsteps. But not in a hurry. No. Slow and steady as if the predator knows its prey is cornered. I freeze, knees knocking and heart thumping. This is it. The end of my life. I will die three inches from freedom on the other side of this locked door. I press my forehead to its smooth surface and a deep click echoes in my ears. It sounded like a lock unlocking. My would-be captor’s breathing rakes up my spine. Hand shaking, I palm the knob. And turn it.

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