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30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 22

Day 22: Write a scene in a cemetery

I hadn’t seen him in years. Decades even and never imagined I’d run into him again, much less here. He didn’t notice me so I ducked behind a tree and watched him bow his head, grip his mother’s hand. A death in the family. I wanted to comfort him somehow. Though I doubted he’d accept anything from me. Still. The casket lowered into the ground and his shoulders shook. I knew the feeling having gone through the exact same thing. It’s never easy and certainly wouldn’t be for him. The handful of mourners dispersed, trudging toward the waiting vehicles. He stood apart as he always had. Then he seemed to harden his resolve. Like he’d made a vow to not let grief consume him, overwhelm him. Destroy him. Yeah, good luck with that. But if anyone could do it, he could. I shifted around the tree to stay out of sight as he joined the others. He gripped the car door handle then paused. Turned his head. And looked right at me. I tried to blend in with the scenery but my white dress was like a spotlight on a darkened stage. I waved. Smiled. He nodded once before disappearing into the car. The caravan made its somber way through the cemetery gates and I kicked myself for not having said something. Anything. Who knew when I’d run into him again? Maybe he’d visit the grave. Or someone else would die. I shuddered and headed for my tomb. Manifesting took a lot out of me. Time to rest in peace.

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